Kemp Road Library


Kemp Road Public Library

Situated in the northwest corner of the Uriah McPhee Primary School grounds on Kemp Road, the Kemp Road Public Library building was first used as housing for the caretaker of the school, however it was misused.  Refurbished in 1994 the library officially opened on August 7th, 1998. 

In 1994 Mrs. Sylvia Scriven (MP) saw that site as an ideal location for a focal point that would draw the community together, and on her initiative and drive, the Ministry of Public Works was designated to design the building.  Patterned after the historic Nassau Public Library, by the end of 1995, the building was completed.  Its octagonal shaped gallery, interior staircase and balcony recapturing the grace of a past era.  It currently sits amidst flowering Poinciana and Oleander trees blending in with the Uriah McPhee Primary School building, inviting the community to refresh and inform their minds within its walls. 

The library’s first event was a Summer Workshop, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, conducted for students on the theme: “Summertime Dreamer-Ethnic Stories.” This activity, which was held from the 27th July to 7th August 1998, was attended not only by the community’s children but also by children from other parts of Nassau. It is hoped that the community will utilize the library to the maximum and revive some of the old spirit of the Kemp Road Community.

Location and Directions

  • Kemp Road.
  • In the northwest corner of the Uriah McPhee Primary School grounds.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Library Statistics

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A membership fee is paid yearly as follows:

  • Adults – $5.00
  • Grades three (3) to six (6) – $3.00
  • Grades seven (7) to twelve (12) – $5.00

*Only patrons with current membership status are allowed borrowing priveleges.


Users have access to the following:

  • Book loans and other library materials.
  • Afterschool activities: Assistance with homework, puzzles, games, reading and storytelling.
  • Reference materials, including newspapers.
  • Internet services (Searches are done by the Librarian).
  • Photocopying.
  • Quiet study.


  • Ms. Margo Pinder – Library Supervisor
  • Ms. Shavon Newchurch – General Service Worker
  • Mrs. Deborah Williams-Butler – Custodian

Other Departments

Library Contacts

  • Telephone number: (242) 393-1541/1546
  • Fax number: (242) 393-1532

News and Events