National Literacy Services


The National Library and Information Services comprises branch libraries of varying sizes and the National Literacy Services established in 1999. The main role of the National Library and Information Services is to unite libraries in New Providence and the Family Islands into one modern, automated system, offering quality, standardized services in all islands.
This year the National Library and Information Services of The Bahamas along with the National Literacy Services will officially launch our Little Free Library Model in the Oakes Field Community, Nassau, Bahamas. Teachers and students from neighbouring schools in the area and the public from other communities will visit our Info-Ref Centre which houses the mini library in an effort to promote literacy reading and borrow books of their choice in an ‘OPEN HOUSE’ Session ‘, portraying skits of persons encountering literacy challenges. The entertaining series on ‘Literacy for Life’ would also be played. The National Literacy Service Section will erect their banners highlighting International Literacy Day and also participate in speaking activities in conjunction with the Rotary Club of South East Nassau.

Branch libraries throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas would setup bulletin boards displaying UNESCO International Day 2018 theme: “Literacy and skills development”.

“‘Every year on 8th September, International Literacy Day is celebrated around the world to advocate and bring awareness to the importance of promoting literacy and closing the literacy gap.”  Click to view Our Partner UNESCO
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