10 Useful Study Tips 

1. Make a a workable schedule and stick with it
2. Find a comfortable area to study, free from distractions
3. Set a time each day to study, preferably the same time daily, when alert and energetic
4. Give attention to all subject areas and gauge your time to suit the subject area and according to varied levels of difficulty 
5. Exercise or take breaks between subjects
6. Choose a peer to have an exchange of ideas, especially with subjects that may present challenges 
7.Use different methods of study, for e.g. SQ3R Method-Survey, Question, Read, Recite and Review.
8.Refresh oneself with water, fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks and drinks and listen to soft music
9. Test yourself by answering questions in your own words 
10. Compete past exams papers and make practical application to real life situations