Coconut Grove Library


The Coconut Grove Library was founded in 1971. It started in the home of Ms. Helen Hutcheson, who lived in the community. At that time, children in the vicinity came and sat in her home to read. When Mr. Edmund Moxey, the Member of Parliament at the time, heard about it, he encouraged Ms. Hutcheson to share her books with not only a few persons, but the whole community.

The library was officially opened in January 1974. Books were purchased locally and from the Gumdrop Company. Some were also donated from the public. This was a luminous idea for the development of inner city residents.

Long time library supervisor Mrs. Cynthia Sargent retired in April 2017.  Mrs. Shonley Cartwright is presently in charge of the library.

Location and Directions

  • Coconut Grove.
  • Acklins Street in the community building.

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 5 p. m.
  • Closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Library Statistics

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A membership fee is paid yearly as follows:

  • Adults – $5.00
  • Students – $3.00


Users have access to the following:

  • Book loans
  • Internet services (library staff conducts the Internet searches)
  • Photocopying
  • Quiet study


  • Mrs. Shonley Cartwright – Library Supervisor
  • Ms. Rajanique Louisma – Library Assistant

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