Cooper’s Town Library And Computer Lab

Cooper’s Town Library And Computer Lab

Coopers Town Library & Computer Lab


The first library in Coopers Town was started in 1975 when Mr. Courtney Brown a winter resident donated a building for the purpose.  It was located next to the Primary School..

The present library was dedicated and opened on November 29 2013, under the leadership of Chief Counsellor Gary Smith.   Over a nine year period, Steve Pedican former chief councillor, Basil Edgecombe former chairmen of the Cooper’s Town Committee, present chairman Garneth Edgecombe and Eric Collie worked diligently and found the financial resources to make the center a reality.  The Cooper’s Town/ Fire Road Homecoming Committee were responsible for starting the project for the construction of the library and computer lab under the then chairman Eric Collie. Former Chief Councillor Steve Pedican also put a lot of emphasis on the project, and they received lots of financial assistance from the council.  The men were pleased that the library and computer lab could be used as a study center for research and home-work for both school-aged students and working adults.

On September 12, 2013 Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co., met with members of the Cooper’s Town Township Committee to donate four top-of-the-line computers.  

The Computer lab is equipped with 15 computer stations 10 of which have computers, and the library can comfortably seat 20 persons.


  • Computers with internet access
  • Computer classes for Primary and High School students
  • Printing and copying
  • Books for reading

Hours of Operation

  • Monday to Wednesday, Friday, Saturday – 11am – 7pm


  • Ms Shakara Rolle – Library Attendant

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