Security Data Rooms

Security Data Rooms (SDRs) are cloud-based solutions that permit the secure storage and sharing of sensitive information. They are utilized in M&A due diligence as well as in real estate asset lifecycle management and any other industry where there is the need for special secure file sharing.

With the numerous significant data breaches being reported in the news, it’s no surprise that businesses are concerned about whether their shared sensitive business data is protected to guard against cyber attacks. Encrypting data at rest within a virtual dataroom is essential to prevent hackers from gaining access to documents. However, it’s only one part of the puzzle. You must take a holistic approach to data-room security which includes policies technical capabilities, policies, and training.

VDRs can also be useful in keeping track of industry regulations like the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI-DSS requires secure storage, robust access controls including encrypted transmissions and regular security testing. This capability shows your clients as well as your colleagues and other users that data security is important to you.

Some VDR systems also have the ability to restrict user access to content in-app by restricting the IP addresses that are eligible for VDR access. This can help to prevent unauthorised users from using screen capture tools to take document content and then share it with non-authorized parties. VDRs that have advanced access controls permit administrators to associate a user’s identity with viewed images and printed documents.

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