Things to do during this Pandemic

Things to do during this Pandemic

Fun Things to do at Home during this Pandemic

*Cook local and international meals as a family

*Complete a challenging jig-saw puzzle

*Sing your favorite songs together using the various voice types, alto, soprano, base, and tenor

*Play virtual games on zoom or other platforms with families and friends in the same or different countries, For e.g. Codenames online

*Enjoy online/virtual school by preparing in advance, review your curriculum in core subjects

*Learn a new language including sign language

*Enroll in an online course that may land you a job and earn extra funds to pay the recurring bills

*Catch up on reading a book title that you had in mind for sometime

*Read the bestsellers including the Bible from start to finish in intervals, perhaps 5-15mins a day

*Start an exciting hobby

*Conduct or participate in online tours of various countries, places and events

*Begin a backyard garden or explore aquaponics or hydroponics

*Identify the variety of fish, plants and birds in The Bahamas

*Set up a goldfish tank in your home

*Learn to draw, sketch and have fun with Art and music

*Learn to sew, knit , embroidery and croquet, by watching demos on YouTube or zoom sessions

*Be a mentor to a child or a young adult

*Become a Literacy tutor or a coach

Try one or two of these suggestions and see how times flies by as we strive to enjoy and entertain ourselves and others during this unprecedented ‘new normal’ times of COVID-19.

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