Meet the Author – Author: Takia Hepburn

Meet the Author – Author: Takia Hepburn

Meet the Author at the Library at Pastor Wilbur Outten Library, West Grand Bahama.

The National Library and Information Services in conjunction with the Ministry of Education is excited about Reading and giving our nation the chance at giving back to our youth.  Reading opens opportunities for innovation and imagination.  As we move more towards technology and electronics, we must not forget to read. A curious and innovative mind in this society is a powerful tool.

We are partnering with Authors in The Bahamas and internationally to promote this year’s  theme ‘Librarians make a difference in my Life”. The overarching framework of Libraries and our initial theme for the first to third and fourth year of National Library Month Celebrations was “ Libraries Build Strong Communities and Change Lives.”  
Please promote literacy by encouraging students and the public to enroll as new members of local library branches throughout The Bahamas and provide incentives for reading books of various genre not only to assist them in research projects but for enjoyment. Encourage stimulating book reports (By following some of these ideas found at click—> 30 Creative Book Report Ideas for Every Grade and Subject (
  • Make a mobile – create your favorite scene
  • Create a timeline – include the important topics
  • Create a magazine ad for the book
  • Make a board game
  • Put together a Power Point Presentation about your favourite book or author
  • Write a letter to a friend informing them why they should read the book
  • Make a bookmark of your favorite chapter

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